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Inter Care sends high quality medical aid to rural health units in sub-Saharan Africa



Karmic Angels donates thousands of pounds worth of medical aid to Inter Care


Karmic Angels, a charity which supports rural communities in The Gambia to overcome poverty and suffering, has donated around £6,000 worth of aid to Inter Care. We are extremely grateful to Karmic Angels for their very generous donation of goods. The aid, which includes bandages, needles, disposable gloves, mosquito wipes, anti-bacterial products, skin creams, hearing aids and many more valuable items, will be of huge benefit to the health units we support in Africa.

Inter Care would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation to Karmic Angels for so generously supporting our work. Thank you.


Lancets - Karmic Angels February 2017Wipes & Bandages- Karmic Angels February 2017Paediatric Nebulizer - Karmic Angels February 2017




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