Teenage pregnancies in Tanzania

In June 2017, President of Tanzania John Magifuli released a statement that, during his term as president, no girl student who gets pregnant will be allowed to return to school after they deliver their child. Since this statement, pregnant students have been arrested and may now be forced to testify in court as to who got them pregnant.

“Punishment won’t stop teenage pregnancies as ‘bad behaviour’ isn’t the cause” – Kate Pinock, University of Oxford, told All Africa News. According to the Tanzanian government data, the number of pregnant girls aged 15-19 years has continued to rise – 23% in 2010, 27% in 2015.

Following a monitoring visit to Tanzania in September 2017, I witnessed an increase in the number of young unmarried mothers. Many of these teenagers had suffered complications during pregnancy due to the number of missed antenatal appointments and the lack of testing available.” – Diane Hardy, General Manager.