John’s Story- The Good of Recycling Medical Aid

The Moment it Clicked!

I had been a volunteer at Inter Care for about 18 months when I was lucky enough to be able to go to Tanzania with 12 other volunteers and see the Health Centres for myself.
What an eye-opener it was! I have no medical background, and my only experience of Africa was as a tourist, so to get up close and see how poorly the people of Tanzania are served by the healthcare provision really did bring home to me how deprived most people are. Kirima is a small, remote village, the Health Centre there was run by a retired doctor on a voluntary basis, with absolutely no funding or support. It served the surrounding villages with a total catchment of about 10,000 people.  To see the empty shelves there was a real moment of revelation to me.  This is when it hit me that why, as a volunteer, I spent time opening boxes, checking goods, loading shelves and filling boxes.
We recycle medical aid because if we didn’t then the doctor there would have absolutely nothing to treat his patients with.
John Winter- Volunteer of Inter Care