Zola’s Story

An Earthquake hits Tanzania

Just three miles from the Ugandan border, a small village called Bukwali was shaken to the ground.  Many people fought for their lives, many more got burnt from the spreading flames.

The Doctors at the village’s Health Unit were in desperate need of medical aid to treat the people’s injuries and severe burns.  Inter Care were contacted by Bukwali Dispensary to support with some treatment and the team responded by sending special “fast healing” bandages and pain relief medicines.  After the disaster, Zola, a single mother of four small children, was asleep in her mud hut.

A fire broke out! Zola quickly got her children out but, she got severely burnt all over her body.  Zola walked to the Hospital needing urgent help.  The Doctor feared she would not survive. However he was able to treat Zola with Inter Care’s specialist burns dressings.

Dr Kakwesi told us, “By sending us this medical aid, you saved her life”.  We are so grateful for the donation of dressings that would have otherwise been disposed of if our work was not recognised.  We recycled and saved someone’s life.