2020 : Fighting Infections in Africa

Inter Care Fights Infections in Africa

This year we aim to support the fight of infections in Africa by providing vital antibiotics and other medical aid.  We want to reach the most vulnerable children and adults in sub-Saharan Africa by sending donated medical supplies to those who would otherwise have died from treatable infections.  Treating and controlling infections continue to be a major issue for those providing healthcare in rural Africa.  In these areas it is the most vulnerable (the young, the old, the poor) who suffer most.  World Health Organisation statistics show, following AIDS/HIV related deaths,  respiratory tract infections is the second most common cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa,  and diarrhoeal disease is third.  Inter care already has large quantities of donated medical supplies, which need transporting to Africa.  This project will enable us to acquire and transport regular, sustainable supplies of these vital, life-saving medicines.  Antibiotics are crucial, but are not a complete solution, so personal Protective equipment, dressings and similar healthcare goods will also need supplying so that infections of all types can be treated and prevented.

How You Can Have an Impact What your money will do

£10 could allow Inter Care to support infection control by sending medical supplies such as dressings, bandages and personal equipment. This could stop infections occurring in up to 10 patients.

£50 could send a batch of medical devices and equipment  e.g. stethoscope, to assist with ongoing diagnosis and treatment of Patients.

£100 could purchase/send 8000 tabs of Antibiotics e.g. Amoxicillin which can treat 380 patients.

This year we plan to send out two containers to Africa to support our campaign of fighting infections in Africa. More details to be announced.

Help us to support infection control today.  Thank you.