What We Do

Postman Delivering Medicines

Inter Care responds to the specific needs of each partner health unit by sending targeted medical aid. The basic medicines which they request are donated to us by pharmaceutical companies and medical manufacturers, while the healthcare goods we receive come from GP Practices and other healthcare professionals. Some of the medicines requested by the health units we support cannot be sourced via the recycling route and so Inter Care purchases a limited amount of these at cost price.

Each partner health unit receives 2 consignments of aid every year which typically includes antibiotics, painkillers, medicines to treat hypertension and diabetes, small surgical items, antibacterial products, surgical kits, obstetric delivery packs, catheters, health education materials and medical uniforms/protective clothing.

Inter Care has a strict monitoring and evaluation (M+E) system which ensures the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of our work. Every health unit supported by Inter Care has undergone a detailed process of assessment before becoming one of our partners and is visited by Inter Care staff as part of M+E procedures, usually once every three years. Furthermore, Inter Care maintains regular contact with its partner health units and requires each one to acknowledge every consignment they receive, before further aid is sent to them, helping to ensure that the aid we send reaches the people it is intended for.