Inter Care’s Christmas Campaign: Double your donation!

For every £1 you donate to our Christmas Campaign, our key supporters can match it!

Help us reach £20,000 and we will be able to provide life-saving medical supplies to 38 partner health units across Tanzania.

Recently, Fr Aloyce (Medical Director for the Catholic Diocese of Moshi, Tanzania), we were told that “Pneumonia is the biggest problem. Many people do not get to the hospital in the early stages of illness. They cannot afford to pay for their treatment and this is why there have been many deaths, especially in children and the elderly”. By donating to this campaign, you can ensure patients receive treatment free of charge and help to save many lives across Tanzania. 

Donation examples

  • £10 could treat 2 children with severe bacterial pneumonia
  • £25 could treat 70 adults with community acquired bacterial pneumonia
  • £50 could treat 500 women with urinary tract infection
  • £101 could send a complete set of diagnostic equipment to one health unit in Tanzania