Donate Goods

Why not donate your unwanted items so that they can be recycled or sold and turned into money for Inter Care? We can accept used printer cartridges, unwanted mobile phones, jewellery, currency, antiques and used stamps.Mother & Baby Nkhameya

Print Cartridges

We can take most inkjet cartridges except Epson, and most toner cartridges from laser printers. We cannot recycle non-branded reusable print cartridges. Please contact us to see if your cartridge can be recycled.

Mobile Phones

Any mobile phones can be accepted no matter how old. Please remove the battery from your phone (and include it separately in the package) and don’t forget to delete any personal information from the phone before posting.


We can recycle any old, broken or unwanted:
• Jewellery (including watches)
• Small bronze figures
• Old/new foreign currency
• Old maps and ordinance survey maps
• Medals and military items
• Binoculars, telescopes and opera glasses
• Cigarette cards; lighters, cases and holders
• Fountain pens, inkwell or desk stands
• Fishing or sports equipment


We collect used stamps, which are then sold to stamp collectors around the world. Before sending them to us, simply cut stamps out from their envelopes, and when you have a few, send them to us.

Unwanted items can be sent to:

Inter Care
46 The Half Croft

For printer cartridges and jewellery only, contact for a freepost envelope.

Last year from recycling inkjet cartridges, mobile phones, jewellery, stamps and old currency we raised £4,000! (financial year 2019-2020)

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