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Inter Care sends high quality medical aid to rural health units in sub-Saharan Africa

About Us

Inter Care sends high quality medical aid to rural health units in Cameroon, Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zambia. These units include hospitals, health centres, infirmaries, prisons, dispensaries, schools, centres for the disabled, centres for orphaned and vulnerable children and a Fistula Care Centre.

Inter Care is a unique charity, established over 40 years ago. Having identified an urgent need in Africa and aware of the huge amount of medical waste in the UK, the charity committed to recycle surplus medicines and medical supplies such as dressings, instruments and devices and donate them to rural health units in some of the poorest parts of Africa.

Since December 2015, Inter Care has been unable to recycle patient returned medicines due to EU legislation. Despite this, we are committed to continuing our support of our beneficiary health units in Africa with the basic medicines and medical supplies they so desperately need. These items are either donated by pharmaceutical companies, or, where this is not possible, purchased at cost price, while we receive medical supplies such as blood pressure meters, bandages and dressings from GP Practices and other healthcare professionals.

(click here for a full list of the medical supplies we accept)

Inter Care is a UK, licenced, registered charity. In 2012 the charity received the highly prestigious Queens Award for Voluntary Service. Recognising and rewarding excellence in voluntary activities carried out by groups in the community, the award is the highest given to volunteer groups across the UK.

As a small charity, Inter Care relies heavily on the support it receives from around 50 volunteers, many of whom are medically trained, to help recycle the surplus medical aid that we receive. Our low overheads and unique approach means we achieve a huge impact on the lives of some of the poorest people in the countries to which we send aid. The collective catchment population of the health units we support is over 11 million.

People in sub-Saharan Africa have the worst health, on average, in the world. Many countries in the region lack the infrastructure to provide even basic health care to large parts of the population.

The way we work not only benefits around 130 health units in rural Africa by providing them with vital medical supplies, but also makes use of surplus medicines from pharmaceutical companies and medical wholesalers that would otherwise be incinerated. By recycling healthcare products donated by GPs, Inter Care also helps reduce waste.

“We are writing with so much joy”

“We are writing with so much joy”

We are writing with so much joy. We have received the medical aid you sent us and we are very happy with it. The medications will really be of great help to us and our patients, especially the poor and vulnerable.

St John the Baptist Health Centre, Cameroon.

Inter Care Ltd. Registered Company No. 1162279 England. Registered Charity No. 275637 England. Registered Office 46 The Halfcroft, Syston, Leicester LE7 1LD.