Donate Medical Supplies to Inter Care

Inter Care’s mission is to save lives and alleviate suffering through the recycling of surplus medical resources to rural partner health units in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our aim is to identify medical items that are, for whatever reason, surplus to requirements in this country, and thus destined for destruction, and to recycle them to our partner health units in Africa. We therefore reduce waste in this country and benefit enormously some of the most deprived people in Africa where they are desperately short of medical resources.

Our aid is not sporadic or one-off, it is sustainable and ongoing, our partner health units can rely on receiving regular consignments from us.

Most of the medical aid we supply is donated (thus reducing medical waste in the UK) and comes from:

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Please note that we cannot accept patient returned medicines, but, as we hold a Wholesalers Dealers Licence from the MHRA, we can accept new medicines from companies who also hold one.