What We Do

Inter Care sends targeted medical aid to rural health units in some of the poorest parts of Africa.

We support over 100 health units in 5 countries! These include:

Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia

You can find out more about via our ‘who we support’ page.

Why our mission is important…
  1. People in sub-Saharan Africa have the worst health, on average, in the world! This is due to a lack of medical resources and we aim to help with this!

  2. Secondly, there are just 1.15 health workers per every 1,000 of its citizens. This is staggering when you compare that fact to 18.9 per 1,000 in Europe!

  3. Furthermore, sub-Saharan Africa has many countries which lack the infrastructure to provide even the most basic health care to large parts of the population.

So… in light of this we ensure that who we support are provided with FREE healthcare.

We work closely with all the health units we support and provide what they ask for whilst preventing medical waste in the UK.

We send health care goods and medicines which come from:

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Medical manufacturers

  • Health Professionals

Inter Care is a UK, licenced registered charity.

In 2012 we received the highly prestigious Queens Award for Voluntary Service. This was to celebrate the 50+ volunteers who help Inter Care. Many of our volunteers are medically trained.

We receive no government funding. We rely entirely on voluntary donations to fund our work.