How you can help

  • Mendewa Clinic, Sierra Leone

    "The medical books have proved a big hit, with our qualified staff and our student Nurses. We are now hoping to gather enough to start a small library in the future, as books of this nature are rare and expensive in Sierra Leone. A big Thank you Thumbs up!" - January 2021

    - Mendewa Clinic, Sierra Leone
  • St Patrick's Health Centre, Rumphi, Malawi

    "Thank you. The donation of medicine has helped a lot because most of the time at the government hospital, the drugs become out of stock" - January 2021

    - St Patrick's Health Centre, Rumphi, Malawi
  • St Martin's Health Centre BIU, Ghana

    "Thank you for your great generosity. Your support helps to further our mission of helping the vulnerable and needy in the society." - July 2020

    - St Martin's Health Centre BIU, Ghana
  • St Mary's Special School for the Visually Impaired, Zambia

    "Many thanks from the children who benefited from assorted clothing and many thanks from the staff who received the uniforms who are really helping us in administering, monitoring and supervising. Million thanks!" - May 2019

    - St Mary's Special School for the Visually Impaired, Zambia
  • Rosana Health Centre, Tanzania

    Thank you so much for the medicines you supported us with. That medicine is very useful to our facilities. God be with you" - July 2019

    - Rosana Health Centre, Tanzania
Last year Inter Care sent over £553,000 worth of surplus medical aid 
to around 100 clinics in Africa, which provides vital medical care to some of Africa’s most disadvantaged people. 
We rely on the generosity of donors such as individuals and  grant making trusts to be able to continue our work. 
With your support, we can continue to provide medical aid to people who would otherwise not have access to medical treatment.

For every £1 you give:

91p Charitable Activities. Goes towards our vital work

6p  Fundraising Costs. Grows awareness and funds

3p  Governance. Makes sure everything runs properly

Data source: Inter Care Ltd Accounts 2019-20

£50 could send medical devices to assist frontline health workers with ongoing treatment of patients.
£20 could send dressings and bandages and personal protective equipment including facemask and gloves.


£10 per month could enable us to purchase 6 Pulse Oximeters. This machine is potentially lifesaving and only costs £20 and can quickly and easily identify the oxygen levels in the blood.


Your Legacy. Africa's Future.
Leave a gift in your Will and vulnerable patients can continue receiving surplus medical resources for free.


Take part in one of our events or we have a fundraising pack filled with ideas for you to fundraise for us.