How you can help

  • Mothers of sub-Saharan Africa

    There are countless women in Africa who have to carry their child miles and miles to get help at the nearest hospital, knowing that they won’t be able to afford medicines for them when they eventually get there. It’s a sad reality but, together, we can work to change it.

    - Mothers of sub-Saharan Africa
Inter Care sends surplus medical aid to around 100 clinics in Africa, which provides vital medical care to some of Africa’s most disadvantaged people. 
We rely on the generosity of donors such as individuals and  grant making trusts to be able to continue our work. 
With your support, we can continue to provide medical aid to people who would otherwise not have access to medical treatment.

For every £1 you give:

91p Charitable Activities. Goes towards our vital work

6p  Fundraising Costs. Grows awareness and funds

3p  Governance. Makes sure everything runs properly

Data source: Inter Care Ltd Accounts 2019-20

Every donation you give makes a difference to more than one person in sub-Saharan Africa.


£10 per month over a year could send a donated O2 concentrator to Malawi


Your Legacy. Africa's Future.
Leave a gift in your Will and vulnerable patients can continue receiving surplus medical resources for free.


You can create your very own fundraising page on Just Giving. Visit our charity page and click on "fundraise for us" to get started.

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