About Us

At Inter Care, we will always ensure lives in sub-Saharan Africa are supported through the provision of surplus medical aid.

All done whilst preventing UK medical waste in the process.

What we do

We ensure that vulnerable patients who visit the most rural health units in Africa get the medicines, health care goods and medical equipment that they need. The health units’ supplies are very scarce.

Who we support

We support around 100 health units across 5 countries in sub-Sahara Africa. Find out more about each health unit we provide medical aid for.

The Team

We are a small team of five but have a powerful community of supporters, trustees and medical advisors which, together, make a great knowledgeable bunch with all the right expertise to procure, source and send medical aid to our partners in Africa.

Our History

We were established in 1974 and were founded by two doctors who visited Africa and saw the desperate need for medical aid. With no free health care service, like the NHS, the most vulnerable patients can’t get the vital treatment needed.

How you can help

We would love you to get on board and help us send donated medical aid to our partners. There are many ways to get involved.