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Inter Care sends high quality medical aid to rural health units in sub-Saharan Africa

What We Do

Inter Care takes a holistic approach to supplying beneficiary health units in Africa
with the medical aid they require.

Postman Delivering MedicinesThe way we work not only benefits around 130 health units in rural Africa by providing them with vital medical supplies, but also makes use of surplus medicines from pharmaceutical companies and medical wholesalers. In addition, by recycling healthcare products donated by GPs, Inter Care also helps reduce waste.

Because Inter Care is beneficiary led, we respond to the specific needs of each of our beneficiary health units. The basic medicines which our beneficiaries request are donated to us by pharmaceutical companies and medical manufacturers, while the healthcare goods we receive come from GP Practices and other healthcare professionals. Some of the basic medicines requested by the health units we support cannot be sourced via the recycling route and so Inter Care purchases these at cost price.

We currently provide regular, long-term medical aid to around 130 health units. Each unit receives 1 or 2 consignments of aid per year. The health units we support include hospitals, health centres, infirmaries, prisons, dispensaries, schools, orphanages and centres for the disabled. The medicines and medical supplies we send to our beneficiaries are used in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of diseases and conditions including malaria, bacterial, fungal and worm infections.

Our low overheads and unique approach means we achieve a huge impact on the lives of some of the poorest people in six sub-Saharan African countries. The catchment population of the health units we support is over 11 million.

Inter Care has a strict monitoring and evaluation system which ensures the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of our work. Every health unit supported by Inter Care has undergone a detailed process of assessment before being accepted as a suitable beneficiary of the medical aid we provide and is visited by Inter Care staff as part of our monitoring and evaluation procedures, usually once every three years. Furthermore, Inter Care requires beneficiary clinics to acknowledge each consignment they receive, before further aid is sent to them, helping to ensure that the aid we send reaches the people it is intended for.

Inter Care is entirely funded by voluntary donations. We receive no money from the government or from statutory sources. We rely entirely on voluntary donations to fund our vital work to provide some of the poorest people in Africa with urgently needed medical aid.

“We have been greatly overwhelmed by your gesture and support”

“We have been greatly overwhelmed by your gesture and support”

Management, staff and patients of the hospital are most grateful for your continuous generosity towards us. We have been greatly overwhelmed by your gesture and support towards the patients and the well-being of our hospital.

St Martins Catholic Hospital, Ghana

Inter Care Ltd. Registered Company No. 1162279 England. Registered Charity No. 275637 England. Registered Office 46 The Halfcroft, Syston, Leicester LE7 1LD.