Urgent Appeal for Healthcare Goods

01 Bandages

Since December 2015, Inter Care has been unable to recycle patient returned medicines due to EU legislation and while we have been able to source some basic medicines, such as antibiotics and painkillers, from a number of pharmaceutical companies, we urgently need GP practices and other healthcare professionals to send us surplus Healthcare goods. These include items such as blood pressure meters and non-mercury thermometers, as well as bandages, dressings, small syringes, uniforms and more.

In Malawi, one of the countries to which Inter Care sends medical aid, for the poorest, accessing basic healthcare is a continual struggle. Half the time the shelves at public hospitals are empty and even the most basic drugs for treating common diseases and conditions are scarce. Healthcare goods such as bandages and surgical gloves as well as small instruments are either not available, are too expensive or the inadequate supplies they do have are very old.  As one of the nurses at a rural clinic we support in Malawi recently told us, “We need painkillers and antibiotics. We don’t have a microscope or baby scales. These are our main needs”.

Please help us provide urgently needed medical care to those who need it most in Africa, by donating surplus healthcare goods to Inter Care. 

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For more information about how you can help Inter Care, please contact us on: or 0116 2695925