Malawi poverty

Malawi is a largely agricultural country, which over the last 60 years has made some progress to overcome underdevelopment and to reduce poverty. Although there has been a 35% population rise over 10 years since 2005 to 18 Million, the percentage of people living below the poverty line and within rural areas has stayed at around 80% for many years. Inter Care’s aim is to support rural health centres to provide access to basic health care for vulnerable people in rural sub-Saharan Africa.

Progression within the country can be seen with the average Malawian’s income per year increased steadily from £35 (1960), £204 (2005) to £226 (2016). Along with increased life expectancy (2005) Men 47, Women 49 increasing to (2018) Men 60, Women 65.

These developments can be the positive effects of many factors including; the quality of healthcare, improvement of access and health awareness –  all areas Inter Care supports our partners with.