Inter Care’s inaugural shipping container has now been loaded and begun a 2 month journey across the seas, destined for our partner health units in Sierra Leone.

Coincidentally it was on D Day Remembrance Day 2019 that Inter Care was due to receive their first ever 20ft container to the warehouse forecourt with only a 2 hour loading slot prior to departure.  After a long 4 months of meticulous preparation – including the administration / warehouse staff’s steep learning curve and a short fundraising campaign we were finally ready to ‘hit the GO button’.

The tension and excitement of the staff early that morning was palpable however, due to traffic congestion everyone had to wait a further 4 hours before it was ‘all hands on deck’ filling the container with all of the 9 pallets, stacked 8 feet high plus many bags and supplementary boxes of aid, all crammed into full capacity!

Amazingly, with thanks to all our supporters, the container was filled following a mere 59 mins of organised action by the truck driver, Inter Care’s Warehouse Assistant and Mick- a local forklift expert. First a pallet loaded by forklift, then bags of blankets on top by hand, then another pallet and some crutches filled into the gaps –  a process repeated until full!


Let’s fill this thing!                 Mick, the forklift legend!


Fitting it all in…                     Bill fills every square inch!

Loading action – An organised frenzy!



The staff team mark the milestone!                Locked and loaded!

It was with a definite sense of relief coupled with the satisfaction of a job very well done that the team watched the container truck drive away – They cheered “Hurrah!” with polite British restraint! …hopefully the staff at the receiving Hospital in Sierra Leone will also smile and cheer upon its arrival in September.

Inter Care have adopted this change of operations out of financial necessity i.e. to offset the spiralling costs of sending vital medical aid to Africa via parcel post.  Our decision, to hence forth send healthcare goods consisting only high weight – low value items via shipping container represents a staggering 60% plus saving compared to the cost of using parcel post.

Post project completion and assuming the container’s journey is successful then, watch this space for shipping container number 2!