The Good of Local Businesses

Inter Care Receive Free Boxes for Packing

Since 2012, Colton Packaging, based in Sileby, Loughborough have been supporting Inter Care by supplying boxes free of charge. It is not only the kind donation that has the whole team thrilled, but also that they send to us three times a year and 100 boxes at a time. These deliveries are worth £80. Bill,  Warehouse Assistant said, “if we didn’t have these boxes from Colton Packaging, we would need to ask elsewhere every month.  We would be lost without them”. Originally, Diane (General Manager) met Jonathan Colton at Inter Care’s Annual Golf Day and it was as simple as “will you help us?” for Jonathan to give us a helping hand.

Furthermore, our supplier Harley’s also help Inter Care with free boxes! These continuous donations means we are able to focus our money on transporting the aid out to Africa. Fantastic!

Pictures on the left: Peter and Lesley (volunteers) bringing in the delivery and packing the medical aid .