Our Trip to Malawi was Fantastic!

We found new ways we can support our partners in Africa…

If COVID-19 becomes widespread in Malawi (there are currently 17 confirmed cases and 2 deaths at the time of writing) to put things into perspective, the outbreak has a devastating potential for this country with only 17 ventilators . Malawi has just 350 clinical doctors to treat a population of 18 million people and even the largest hospitals are woefully lacking the basic equipment needed to treat the most serious cases. The government has tried to impose a 21 day lockdown to delay the spread of the coronavirus however a High Court Judge has blocked the plan because of the devastating impact it would have on workers who would lose their incomes. This all comes at a time of political instability within the country after the 2019 election results were annulled after irregularities were found and the next election is due in 2 months time.

IHP with Inter Care

In October 2019, Inter Care took our donor medicine suppliers International Health Partners (IHP) on a monitoring and evaluation trip some of Inter Care’s partner Health Units (HUs) in Southern Malawi thus, developing and strengthening our corporate relationship with them, with a view to future project working.

Martha and baby Emma receive diagnosis with Inter Care’s donated BP machine

We were able to visit 3 hospitals, 8 health centres and an NGO in Lilongwe, Action Medeor whom we purchase medicines from and we carried out an audit for Good Distribution Practice (GDP). The visits enabled us to witness first hand how life in Malawi is in relation to their current health service provision. Where, Inter Care can improve and make a difference to everyday life in these communities and what difference our donated medical supplies make. We also explored the feasibility of helping the HUs to upgrade their diagnostic services, particularly for infectious diseases. It was evident that there is a long way for their health service to go, especially within the facilities available in laboratories.

Also, there is still considerable damage from Storm Idai even now and we were made aware of the fact that many Mozambique people walk into Malawi for Health Care, as they have extremely poor services and facilities within their own communities and many Malawians are still living in shelters which we saw. Tough times are approaching and they will need the help from charities such as Inter care more than ever…..   

-Diane Hardy, General Manager