Inter Care quickly adapts to the Covid-19 challenges
None of us could have predicted the challenges that would be faced by communities across the world caused by the pandemic since March 2020.

We have been incredibly fortunate that we have been able to adapt quickly with a small team backed by the support of approximately 50 volunteers.

In April 2020, we witnessed a desperate need in our own country for personal protective equipment (PPE). We got together a small group of volunteers and the staff team to donate bespoke deliveries of PPE to 20 care homes, including LOROS hospice, across Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. 10 Doctors surgeries in the Leicester area also received PPE donations. This is the first time in Inter Care’s history since 1974 that we have been able to support frontline health workers in the UK.

We still care very much about fulfilling our mission to support our partner health units in Africa, and we are succeeding to do so.

In the run up to Christmas…

We are focused on an ‘in country’ purchasing project whereby, Inter Care facilitate the purchase and delivery of thousands of pounds worth of healthcare goods and medicines from Action Medeor (a non-profit pharmaceutical wholesaler, based ‘in-country’), to 19 partner health units in Malawi.

We are carrying out this project because of the current difficulties in exporting the supplies from our warehouse due to a significant reduction in airfreight. We intend to run a similar project in the New Year to approximately 30 partner health units in Tanzania.

Within the next week…

A container dispatched during late summer is nearing the end of it’s journey with all sorts of useful healthcare goods on board. It will support one hospital and 8 surrounding health care centres in the Southern region of Malawi.

The consignment is made up of 100% donated surplus medical supplies and worth a massive £127,000. 40% of the contents are PPE which can support the health care workers of Malawi fight the coronavirus crisis.

Simultaneously, we continue to collect healthcare goods for another shipping container project and once again, the destination will be Sierra Leone. We’ve already prepared over half of the pallets ready to go inside the container. If the current progress rate continues, we anticipate sending the container early in the New Year.

COVID-19 will not stop us delivering our mission and with your support we can do more in 2021. Thank you.

Diane Hardy, General Manager