Meet the Volunteers


Proud to have been a Trustee for Inter Care

Inter Care sends targeted medical aid to rural health units in some of the poorest parts of Africa. How we do this has changed over the years and will continue too but our goals remain the same.

I have been a Trustee for Inter Care for quite a few years now (until 2020) and I have been able to make several visits to units that we support. My first trip was to Ghana in 2014 and our first visit was to King’s Village. This was a remote but very busy Hospital. I had taken quite a few soft toys to give to the children. The Hospital had a Nutritional Unit which gave invaluable to support to mothers and children alike. The children had never seen a toy before and were quite scared. I found this so humbling. We take these things for granted and I realised how the very simple things can make such a difference.

Inter Care continues to provide medicines and healthcare goods to King’s Village as they continue to provide care!


2015 and 2017 I made visits to Tanzania. We visited both small units and Hospitals that Inter Care supports. All very rural and in need of both medicines and healthcare goods. In Northern Tanzania, on the border with Uganda, we visited Bukwali Dispensary. There was only one doctor and his family who were the only support for the local community. And they had so little to work with. They would not have been able to give the care they could without the supplies that Inter Care had sent.


Orphanage in Tanzania

Later in 2019 I visited Southern Malawi. The issues are very much the same for the units and Hospitals. However, the journeys between units and the state of the roads certainly meant that several of the units had no or little Ambulance support. When hospital care was needed, often the journeys took hours. I can only describe this as a roller coaster of a journey. Many of the units also were not only trying to treat their local population but also people were walking some 20km plus from Mozambique to get what care they could.


Above shows a picture of some temporary shelters in Southern Malawi after a significant Hurricane had hit the area.


The overriding issues in these countries remain at the forefront of Inter Care’s activity and even through the Pandemic we have continued to support where we can. So proud to be a Trustee!