Meet the Patients


Inter Care helps Gladness receive free treatment

Getting to know Gladness

Born in 1972, Gladness completed her education at Mvumi school aged 15. Gladness is a single mother. She was married to Godfrey, who sadly passed away in 2005. At that difficult time, she was leftwith five children to support.
Nowadays she lives nearby in a small house with her threechildren and one granddaughter. Day to day, Gladness is a subsistence farmer who sells her crops,mainly to buy food, clothes, and school equipment – important for her children’s education.

The challenges were worrying the family

In the spring of 2020, Gladness started to experience abdominal pain, which worsened to excessive continual bleeding. After several weeks of suffering regular blood losses, she became very weak and dizzy. Frustratingly, she couldn’t afford to go to the hospital to seek healthcare.
By early summer Gladness was bedridden and very poorly, so, her worried daughters took her to Mvumi Hospital, where she was diagnosed with anaemia and uterine fibroids. To get better, Gladness needed a blood transfusion and immediate surgery at Mvumi Hospital, one ofInter Care’s partner health units.

Mvumi hospital is an Inter Care partner healthunit in central Tanzania – regularly supported with medical supplies since 2016

Inter Care helped Gladness recover

Fortunately, Gladness was donated two units of blood by relatives and the doctors used medicines provided by Inter Care because the family could not afford to pay – which were important before, during, and after her serious operation.
Ultimately Gladness experienced a successful operation and, to the relief of herself and her family, she made a steady recovery.

Gladness says she is “very grateful for the support of Inter Care”