In person events are back!

Golf day fundraising success will help our partners in sub-Saharan Africa

Inter Care’s 12th Annual Golf day saw the welcome return ‘proper’ to events fundraising for Inter Care. The day hosted at Forest Hills Golf Club, Botcheston, Leicester on Thursday 19th May 2022.

In the great outdoors, basking in warm, sunny conditions ten teams battled a ‘difficult’ course. And competed to have their team name engraved on the coverted trophy.  By the end of the day there could be only one winner – one title holder of Inter Care Golf Champions 2022.

Several hours later over a sumptuous evening dinner, it was agreed that trials and tribulations aside, a great time had been enjoyed by all.  Our ‘golf loving’ Inter Care supporters helped us to raise a grand total £1,725.

This amount of funding could approximately cover the costs of sending three large consignments of vital medical aid to up to three of our partner health units in Africa – thereby potentially saving the lives of thousands of patients.

Thank you to everyone who took part and helped make this such a great occasion.  A BIG thanks to all our golfers and supporters – Congratulations, and well done all!

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Competition results

First place and 2022 Champions. OPS. 107 points

Contact Brian Lawrence

Second place. Abaco Insurance. 106 points

Contact John Mulligan

Third place. Whetstone Pastures Farm. 97 points.

Contact Anthony Herbert,