10 years of support for Nzama Health Centre, Malawi

Malawi visits 2009 – 2019


Witnessing the challenges and rising cases of infections

We first visited Nzama Health Centre in 2009. The health centre is in a very remote area and is hard to reach. The first thing we noticed was one pair of disposable gloves hanging on a washing line. This pair of gloves was being used again and again. The injection room had very little stock and there were no gloves in sight. The help was urgent.



We give them regular support

Over the years, we could see that the stock at the health centre was improving. Amongst the medicines and medical equipment that we were supplying, there was PPE on the shelves too. The difference since our first visit was incredible.



Inter Care’s support has helped improve the health centre’s newborn delivery

When we met the team at Nzama Health Centre in 2019, we could see the massive improvement in newborn delivery since our first visit in 2009. The centre’s stock room had a good amount of PPE which they have been ordering from Inter Care over the years. The rates of infections have steadied and women are receiving great post-natal care.