Visiting Huruma Hospital

Mothers need support this Christmas

Challenges in the maternity ward

Huruma Hospital currently has no water supply. The hospital was quieter than usual as this news has travelled in the local community. Women who urgently need to get to the hospital are at risk of infection, especially because Sr Mariadaria has a short supply of gloves, wipes and cloths to protect her staff and newborns against infections.

Meeting Veronica

Veronica gave birth to her first child a few hours before Inter Care met her. She is a single mother living with her elderly parents. They are all out of work and feeling overwhelmed about taking care of the child. In order to support Veronica, Inter Care gifted her with a post-natal care package which included the following:

  • vitamin drops
  • dry and wet wipes
  • barrier cream
  • baby oil
  • baby clothing and teddy
  • knitted blanket

We were grateful that we could help Veronica and her daughter. The smile she gave us showed how much these basic items could make a huge impact on the first weeks of her post-natal care.

“Thank you for supporting young women and their firstborns with these gifts. They will make such a difference to those mothers who are poor and need help to care for their child” – Sr Mariadaria, Sister in Charge