A shipping container of medical supplies is on it’s way to Malawi

Destined to reach Ekwendeni Mission Hospital in Northern Malawi and the medical supplies will be distributed to 4 other partner hospitals

On Tuesday 28th February 2023, we loaded 10 pallets of medical supplies onto our 20ft shipping container and sent it on it’s way! It will make it’s way to Felixstowe Port and will track the container ship as it makes it’s way to Northern Malawi!

The 20ft container consists of donated health care goods and One Wish Items (purchased) with a total value of £128,543.50p – and a combined weight of 5,025.48kg.

The lead health unit for the container is Ekwendeni CCAP Mission Hospital. The Hospital will handle all of the arrangements for securing clearance of the consignment when it reaches its final destination…..and also distribute the medical aid in 20% shares amongst the four other participating hospitals. Namely, Atupele Community Hospital; Kaseye Community Hospital; Mzambazi Community Hospital and St Anne’s Community Hospital (Chilumba).                                                                                                                                                

What’s on board?

On board we have much needed items of PPE (including mob caps; face masks; face shields; goggles; disposable aprons; coveralls; surgical gloves; over sleeves and over shoes) – together with uniforms (i.e. scrubs; tunics; trousers and lab coats). All of which we hope will help support the health care workers in Northern Malawi and keep them safe from contracting any transmissible diseases.

In addition, there are basic health care goods – such as bandages; dressings; needles; syringes; small surgical instruments; swabs; wipes; catheter/stoma supplies and dermatological goods – together with laboratory consumables and assorted medical devices (including BP monitors; foetal dopplers; nebulisers; pulse oximeters; stethoscopes and thermometers).

Finally, we have an assortment of medical textbooks; mobility aids including wheelchairs; walking frames; walking sticks; crutches – and for the first time ever, folding hospital beds/examination couches. All neatly packed with a fantastic selection of hand knitted blankets, toys and children’s clothing.