Cyclone Freddy directly hits Inter Care’s Partner Health Units in Malawi

In the past week, Cyclone Freddy has swept it’s way across Southern Malawi, destroying small villages and communities.

This news will be in the history books as the longest ever cyclone in history. It began in Australia on 6th February and has now hit the African coastline twice!

Mozambique and southern Malawi have taken the brunt force of it and recently we have been sent pictures from Sr Mercy at St Joseph’s Hospital in Limbe, Malawi.

Sr Mercy said, “Mtauchira village near to us has been swept away by the flash floods”. They have had their crops (Maize) wiped out and are seeing many deaths and injuries at the hospital.

Inter Care are able to help

Whilst we are not a disaster relief organisation, we are currently able to support the hospital through this crisis as coincidentally our bi-annual support for that area is due during the next month. The Operations team are preparing to send orders to partner health units in Malawi which includes St Joseph’s Hospital.

Sr Mercy will be able make an order of medical supplies through Inter Care to treat those injured by the Cyclone. In addition to this, there is currently a Cholera outbreak in the area due to dirty water consumption. They will be able to access medicines to treat this outbreak through Inter Cares support.

Inter Care supports the most vulnerable patients, and they need us now more than ever.

If you would like to support our partners affected by Cyclone Freddy and the Cholera Outbreak, please donate now.

Claudia Domin – Community and Events Fundraiser