Dorothy’s life was saved with the help of Inter Care’s donated medicines

Dorothy is a woman from the village of Pirimiti, in central Malawi. She is a proud mother of two children. In early 2023, she was experiencing her third pregnancy. However, because Dorothy had very recently become poorly, she was struggling to take care of her two children properly.

Dorothy desperately needed medical attention

Dorothy had been experiencing abdominal pains following three months of not menstruating as normal and was suffering with bleeding. Upon arrival at Pirimiti hospital, an Inter Care partner health unit, Dorothy looked very pale and sickly. A scan showed the worried doctors her main problem – a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, or, when a pregnancy is not in the correct location. Simply put, Dorothy desperately needed an emergency operation to save her life!

The hospital were able to help Dorothy free of charge

Firstly, the hospital reassured her that she would not have to pay. This is because the medicines donated by Inter Care would be used in her operation. Then, Dorothy underwent her lifesaving operation which very happily was a great success. The actual medicines, donated by Inter Care, which directly helped in her treatment were metronidazole IV and analgesics. Her doctors said, “both are very important for her recovery“.

Pharmacist at Pirimiti Hospital with Inter Care donations

The happy ending

Thankfully, Dorothy recovered well and was discharged just two days after the operation. She was very happy that the doctors and nurses saved her life. Also, she was happy and relieved to know that she won’t owe the hospital any fees because her medication was provided free of charge by Inter Care.

Dorothy, who really appreciates Inter Care’s team effort, said ‘Inter Care should continue with this gesture to other patients who need assistance’.