Helping people in Tanzania

Christmas Challenge 2023

Last Christmas, Inter Care gave the chance to double any donations received between between Monday 4th – Wednesday 13th December 2023 which equated to an incredible £10,000!

The campaign was focused on supporting 38 partner health units in Tanzania who are due to receive a donation of medicines and medical supplies after in the next couple of months.

Inter Care are planning to send medical aid that can help to treat bacterial infections. Pneumonia, for example, is commonly found in many Tanzanian communities due to living alongside dirt tracks and very dry land.

One of our pledgers who contributed to the match-funding pot said, “I am keen to give my support to Inter Care by being a pledger for the Christmas Campaign to provide treatment for bacterial infections for poverty-stricken patients in Tanzania.

The funds raised will enable the charity to supply good quality medicines free of charge to people who would not otherwise have access to treatment, and this really will save lives. What sets Inter Care apart is that they have a proven record of using donations to great effect and they operate in a wise and efficient way.”

Vice Chair of Trustees

Why the help is needed

Pneumonia accounts for a staggering said that pneumonia is a major concern in the Kilimanjaro region. The lack of high-quality medicines and funding creates a big challenge for healthcare facilities in Tanzania. Even though treating vulnerable patients suffering from bacterial infections should be relatively simple.


Inter Care are able to provide high-quality medicines and medical supplies that could help partners in Tanzania provide the best care to their most vulnerable patients.

With this project, hundreds of vulnerable patients across Tanzania will be able to gain free access to vital medical aid. This includes children, the elderly and the disabled.


Together, Inter Care supporters have raised a HUGE £20,263.85!!

This campaign has been so vital to help send medical aid to ALL 38 partner health units in Tanzania. By supporting the campaign, many vulnerable patients across Tanzania are able to access medical aid. This enables them to receive FREE TREATMENT.

Pneumonia is a big problem across the Africa. We really hope that we can help to reduce the challenges and the number of deaths in poor communities.

What’s next? (as of 18/01/24)

Inter Care have so far received 15 orders which have been processed. By the end of February, Inter Care would have spent half of the funds raised. The second lot of health units will receive their orders in the next quarter.

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