50 years of providing medical aid for Africa

About Inter Care – Medical Aid for Africa

We are a small International charity based in Syston, Leicestershire. Each year, the charity sends medical aid to partner health units across sub-Saharan Africa. This year we are focusing our work in Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Malawi.

Most of the medical aid is saved from landfill. They are donated by the NHS, medical and pharmaceutical companies and the general public. This is to help reduce medical waste and to provide life-saving healthcare to rural Africa. In areas where patients are vulnerable and unable to pay for their vital treatment.

Small Charity with a BIG impact!

Since the charity was established in 1974, £18.7 million worth of aid has been sent to mission-based health units in sub-Saharan Africa. Last year, Inter Care sent medicines for up to 76,400 patient treatments!

Inter Care’s plans for 2024

This year, we aim to deliver the following:

  • A 20ft shipping container to support 1 hospital and 10 health centres in Southern Malawi. This donation includes nurse uniforms, personal protective equipment, plus bandages and dressings. We will also be including some specialised supplies such as orthopaedic equipment, and wheelchairs for every health unit.
  • A 20ft shipping container to support 6 health units in Sierra Leone. This container will include a corporate donation of handwash and a pallet of surgical sutures.
  • A donation of antibiotics to be sent to Mlambe Hospital in Malawi. This will provide 16,800 patient treatments.
  • Medical supplies to be sent in-country to 38 partner health units in Tanzania.

Inter Care has helped save many lives

Children like Susan are born into poverty. Their families do all they can to give them the best start in life, but, when their child becomes ill, there is often no money to provide the vital treatment they need. By visiting Inter Care’s partner health units, people like Susan’s Grandmother can access medical aid free of charge to help their loved ones. Susan’s grandmother told us that without our support, “Susan would have probably died. I thank God and pray for Inter Care to continue their work”.

Please help us continue our vital work for many years to come.

Since the early 1980s, the Christian Church and local community has provided so much support which has helped Inter Care to grow. By donating to our cause, you will be helping Inter Care reach many more vulnerable patients across sub-Saharan Africa