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Helping patients across Africa who need long term medical care

From left to right: Dereck, his mother and his nurse at Kibosho Hospital, Tanzania. Picture taken on Inter Care visit to Tanzania in 2022

Dereck’s Story

Dereck lives in the hills of Moshi, Tanzania.

At just 22, Dereck is paralysed and wheelchair dependent.  He’s had physical deformities of the lower limbs since his childhood, when the doctors thought he had polio. 

Sadly, for the past decade he has been bedridden after gradually developing weakness in the lower limbs, which progressed to becoming completely paralysed.

Due to sitting on the wheelchair for a long time, he developed deep pressure sores on the back, both hips and lower limbs which led to septicaemia.

Dereck had a high risk of developing a life-threatening infection

After months of suffering, Dereck was admitted to Kibosho Hospital, in May 2022, due to severely infected grade 4 pressure sores.

These are the most severe type of pressure ulcer: meaning Dereck had a high risk of developing a life-threatening infection (NHS, 2023).

Inter Care have supported Dereck’s care for many months – We were lucky enough to meet Dereck.

At Kibosho Hospital, Dereck has received daily wound dressings, antibiotics with nutritional support to help his body heal.

When Inter Care staff and trustees visited Kibosho Hospital in October 2022, Dereck met and spoke with us saying “I am doing well now and healing. My wounds are getting better. Thank you”. His mother smiled at us in appreciation.

In November 2023), Dr Materu, Hospital Superintendent, updated us on Dereck’s situation: although still bedridden and paralysed, Dereck’s wounds have “markedly improved” because the antibiotics have cleared the infection and he is on alternate day wound dressing.

With Dereck’s needs being relatively high, his family could not afford to cater for his treatment. Inter Care’s support of antibiotics and other medical supplies have helped Dereck to continue recovering. His mother is very grateful, and the hospital staff are impressed with his improvement overall.

Dereck sends his sincere gratitude and prayers to all Inter Care’s donors

We need your help

Inter Care have a very full warehouse of medical aid. We are not government funded and therefore, need your help to send these vital medical supplies to Africa by donating to our cause.

Here is an outline of this year’s plans:

  1. A 20ft shipping container to support 1 hospital and 10 health centres in Southern Malawi. This donation includes nurse uniforms, personal protective equipment, plus bandages and dressings. We will also be including some specialised supplies such as orthopaedic equipment, and wheelchairs for every health unit.
  2. A 20ft shipping container to support 6 health units in Sierra Leone. This container will include a corporate donation of handwash and a pallet of surgical sutures.
  3. A donation of antibiotics to be sent to Mlambe Hospital in Malawi. This will provide 16,800 patient treatments.
  4. Medical supplies to be sent in-country to 38 partner health units in Tanzania.

Help Inter Care provide more medical aid for partner health units across Africa

  • £29 could provide pain/fever reductions for 62 patients in Malawi.
  • £50 could supply PPE to a hospital in Sierra Leone to protect medical staff carrying out 100 procedures
  • £101 could send a complete set of diagnostic equipment to a Health Unit in Tanzania