Meet the Patients


Nzama Health Centre in Malawi often runs out of tablets. They have to think of other ways to treat their young patients.

Jaco is 8 years old and the youngest of 5 children. He has a high fever of 40°C and has been vomiting. His very concerned grandmother, Eva, takes him to Nzama Health Centre for a diagnosis and treatment.

Upon arrival, Jaco was given a Malaria test but it was negative. The healthcare staff also though he could have conjunctivitus. Sr Teresa (a nurse at the facility) decides to keep Jaco in overnight, suspecting an infection.

As part of Jaco’s treatment, he is given an injection. Sister Teresa explains her concerns with this type of treatment…
We would prefer to treat him with tablets, but we have run out so we’ve had to use an injectable. This is painful for the
child. Its obviously not ideal to be causing a child unnecessary pain. His fever is on and off but he will stay another night for observation and then if his fever has subsided, tomorrow he can go home.

Grandmother Eva is concerned about Jaco but explains that he is in good hands…
I came with my grandson because his mother could not. She has given birth 2 weeks ago. This is our local clinic, we live nearby and always come here. In fact Chisulo was born here, as was his mother. I’m glad to bring him here to be healed.

Jaco’s illness has meant that he has been missing school for a little while…
I like my school very much. I have missed my class mates being here yesterday. I especially like playing football in the breaks. It hasn’t been too bad staying here overnight. They’ve looked after me very well and I am glad to be able to get the medicines so that I can be healed and go back to school. But it’s a bit lonely and boring to be here for long. When I am older I will either be a doctor, or a famous footballer like the ones who play for Manchester United. If that happens, I am going to build a bigger house for my grandmother.

Inter Care send medicine including paracetamol syrup to Nzama Health Centre. By visiting health units like this health centre, we can assess their needs and ensure our partners receive exactly what they need.