Sierra Leone Shipping Container Project

Inter Care want to send a shipping container of medical supplies to support 7 health units in Sierra Leone

In late Summer, we are aiming to send a 20ft shipping container of medical supplies to be distributed to 7 health units in Sierra Leone.

This container will consist of vital medical equipment and resources that will help to provide the best diagnosis and treatment to vulnerable children and adults across Sierra Leone. 99% of the items have been donated to Inter Care by the local community and beyond, however the freight costs to send this container will  be approximately £4,000. Even though the transportation costs have increased, the advantage of sending a container is that large and heavy items (far too expensive to send by air) can be sent economically by Inter Care.

Last summer’s container was sent to Holy Spirit Hospital in Sierra Leone. This hospital acts as a host for all the surrounding partners health units and distributes the goods amongst them. Dr Patrick Turay, expressed how important Inter Care’s donations are for the health units which have a lack of medical resources. He said, “we have been able to carry out reconstructive surgery due to the quality and effectiveness of the supply of dressings”.

Furthermore, a little boy called Eric, received life-saving oxygen therapy thanks to the O2 concentrator we sent via the container. The staff were so grateful and sent their blessings for our work to continue.


This container is supporting two new partner health units; UBC Mattru Hospital and Loreto Clinic – both of which, have been on our waiting list. As part of the One Wish Project, they will be receiving a sterlisation unit and a microscope. This is a project designed to “make a difference” to each and every health unit we support by granting “one wish” of a piece of equipment or other resource that would make a real difference to the work of each health unit.

Every donation sent onto a container plays a vital part in improving the health of vulnerable patients across sub-Saharan Africa, those of whom cannot afford to pay for their treatment.

By supporting this project, you are helping to send PPE, drapes and screens, mobility aids, medical books, bandages and dressings, derma creams,  soaps, stethoscopes, catheters, plus so much more.

“We assure you that these supplies will be used well for the good of the patients”Reaction from Dr Turay on arrival of the first container to Sierra Leone – 2019

Thank you for your support.